Is coding bootcamp right for you? 7 signs to know

April 05, 2016 Posted by : dapseen Category : Technology

Software engineering is becoming lucrative with developers earning 6 figures monthly and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, however, to get started in this career path, some institutions have positioned themselves to train upcoming developers with a structured curriculum and get them started within months.

Some are quite expensive ranging from 50k to 150k to complete the curriculum, which actually pay off on the long run. After years of experience, organizing coding bootcamp I want to share this 7 signs to know if coding bootcamp is right for you.

1. You really ready to build a career in software engineering

Dude! No matter what happened you really ready to face it.


2. You have tried free resources

Its important to have tried free resources on MOOCs, youtube to really know your stands before paying through your nose, free resources will also help you to know what you are in for and help you test the water to better understand your career.

3. You still don’t know the perfect career path to follow


Front end, back end , lamp stack, MEAN stack, you just haven’t figured out which one to go for to kick start your career. Coding bootcamp have structured curriculum and mentor that can help you select based on your strength and ability

4. You have passed the beginner’s stage and you want to advance

Now, you can create HTML form, write some conditional statements, followed some dude to build calculator, but you really hungry for real life projects.


5. You can learn better when you have a mentor

Maybe you need a coding partner, someone you can quickly run to, coding bootcamp has some mentors in abundance go for them, that’s why you paid.


6. You need a push.

Some are used to four wall ( school) curriculum where they enforce some rules, like pass that test to get a certificate.


7. You lack soft skills

Building a career in programming is not just about coding, it’s the sum total of technical and soft skills. Communication skills, team building etc. I will say there are three categories of people I will advise to go for bootcamp

      An entrepreneur : you want to know about tech, able to communicate with your CTO and dev team, you can join a bootcamp
      Junior – Mid level Developer: you want to advance your career learn more about advanced security and authentication.
      Oldies – You’ve started coding since years of fortran and COBOL, but you want to learn modern technology faster, I will advice you go for bootcamp
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