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I'm Ajuwon adedapo, a full stack web developer


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Starting with the three pillars of website, HTML CSS and Javascript

Drupal CMS front End theming which is my area of specialization when it comes to coding


i help people learn web technology very fast, starting with the basic HTML,CSS and then moving to CMS (drupal).
You can Hire ME for ONE on ONE session or corporate training


I don't just give you a cool web design, i also help you to drive traffic to your website, with my SEO and customer conversion knowledge, you dont need to start looking for an SEO expert to make your website rank on Google first page.

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Hi, welcome to my online portfolio, i am a web developer and keyword research junkie. HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT and PHP are my skillsets, with these i can develop a user friendly web application and with my knowledge of keyword research and i can optimize your application to make it rank on google first page and get more sales.

If you are thinking of managing your website by yourself, i can develop a nice CMS with drupal or wordpress which can help you manage your website contents without knowing anything about codes.

I love teaching too, i organize a free website training (coding bootcamp) 4 times in a year for beginners that are passionate about web development, if you really want to know about website development.
chat me up( whatsapp +2348139369008 ). Learn more about my upcoming coding bootcamp.

The most important thing is making my clients happy, after devlopeing your website, i offer a free training on how you can manage your website on your own without wasting money hiring another developer to do it, your satisfaction is my utmost priority.

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April 05, 2016 Posted by : dapseen Category : Technology

Software engineering is becoming lucrative with developers earning 6 figures monthly and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, however, to get started in this career path, some institutions have positioned themselves to train upcoming developers with a structured curriculum and get them started within months.

Some are quite expensive ranging from 50k to 150k to complete the curriculum, which actually pay off on the long run. After years of experience, organizing coding bootcamp I want to share this 7 signs to know if coding bootcamp is right for you.

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Dapo ajuwon is a techpreneur,programmer,writer and mentor, he's the CEO of druphub a company that trains passionate students to become a web developer and also pay them

When Dapo ajuwon is not coding, he reads tech books and listen to tech podcast, everything about this guy is just techy